International Workshop on Wearable Micro and Nanosystems for Personalised Health
Valencia / Spain
21st,22nd,23rd May 2008
Last Updated 3/06/2008
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Reconocimiento de interés científico sanitario por el ministerio de sanidad y consumo de españa
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¡Welcome to the pHealth 2008 website!

Following a successful and enlightening conference organised and held in Valencia in May of this year, our work now continues with the development of a blog and forum. Our aim is to continue the lively debate initiated at the pHealth conference here on the web, celebrating and discussing the present and future scientific and technological advances in Personalised Health.

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The scientific content at the pHealth 2008 workshop was of the highest level and all speeches have been posted on to this website for your perusal. Please feel free to comment on the ideas and theories developped by our invited speakers in the forum section. We aim to make this website a platform for new ideas and discussion and all contributions are more than welcome.

The pHealth2008 website has been updated with photos from both the event itself and the social events attended. If you attended pHealth 2008 in Valencia, thank you once again for your support. If you are new to the site, we extend a very warm welcome and hope that you find our web informative.

pHealth 2009 will be held in Oslo. Until then (and beyond) we hope that this site becomes a centre for the discussion and creation of new ideas related to all things pHealth.

Thank you once again.

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